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    Главная » 2017 » Июнь » 2 » Обновление Rust 1989 за 1.06.2017
    Обновление Rust 1989 за 1.06.2017


    Список изменений:

    • Support for global per-sound voice limiting
    • New shotgun trap sounds
    • Additional info on world item server logs
    • Server side held item deploy time verification
    • Server side cooldown verification for medical tools
    • Player hack reports now log on server
    • Sleeping bag now has item condition
    • Server side violations now report to EAC
    • Wooden ladder now has item condition
    • Wooden logs can be harvested for wood
    • All cacti can be harvested for cloth and cactus flesh
    • Ore objects now support entity pooling
    • Ores in the arid biome are slightly covered in sand (similar to snow in the arctic biome)
    • Added moon phases back
    • Standardized view shake for all bullet weapons
    • Added DropBox - External one way depository
    • Recoil Compensation ( can be disabled with player.recoilcomp false)
    • Hapis: A new high-end Radtown that can spawn some of the best loot.
    • Hapis: A bunch of Recyclers and Repair Benches.
    • Hapis: A few mines where you can find ore nodes and mining-specific loot.
    • Hapis: Numerous lonewolf/small group caves scattered around the map.
    • Hapis: Stranded convoy with loot on the north-eastern road.
    • Hapis: Reworked the entire west coast, and some of the inland areas.
    • Hapis: Forest density improvements.
    • Hapis: Reworked the rivers.
    • Hapis: A better waterfall.
    • Hapis: More loot overall in the various radtowns.
    • Hapis: Various other minor improvements.
    • Moved meshes to their own asset bundle
    • Moved viewmodels to the main asset bundle
    • Changed server save file extension from .map.sav to .sav
    • Client side objects no longer have useless nav mesh obstacle components on them
    • Tweaked clutter rock scale so they're not as easily confused with collectibles
    • Skinned items now show their correct icons even with itemskins set to false
    • Moved powerline poles to world layer
    • Doubled floor spike health
    • Pump Shotgun costs 5 less HQM
    • Laser Sight costs 5 less HQM
    • Laser Sight removes aim sway instead of aimcone
    • Laser Sight slightly reduces hip aimcone
    • Thompson costs 10 less HQM
    • Rocket Launcher can fire 50 rockets instead of 20 before breaking
    • Mailbox has a Submit button
    • Can no longer right click to deposit mail items directly into mailbox storage
    • Fixed gloss slider not working on roadsign armour in the workshop
    • Resources now longer occasionally spawn inside of each other
    • Fixed repair being free on some objects
    • Aimcones are actually Conical instead of Square (20% more accurate weapons)
    • Fixed speedhack false positives when sliding down mountains
    • Fixed a number of monument interaction issues that only occurred after a fresh wipe
    • Fixed some situations where you could fall through the terrain near military tunnels
    • Fixed over-bright particle effects
    • Fixed skin tones too dark compared to previous weeks
    • Fixed miner hat light intensity
    • Fixed heli damage smoke effect lighting
    • Fixed heli and cargo plane rotor lighting
    • Fixed effect.bloom toggling effect instead of switching quality
    • Removed some tiny trees from the spawn table
    • Removed secondary light reflections on water; e.g. furnace, campfire


    Перед скачиванием файлов с MediaDisk внимательно прочитайте инструкцию!

    Полный клиент Rust 1989 за 1.06.2017 можно скачать по любой из этих ссылок:

    Патчи для обновления клиента 1988/1846138 до версии 1989/1860784:


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